For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function…

Leadership Insight : Remember All The Parts, Large & Small


As leaders, whether within our own [small] business, within a [large] corporate business that we may work inside, a non-profit organization [of any size] that is volunteer staffed, or within a ministry capacity and setting, we must acknowledge the many parts that are all a part of the overall operation of the operational body that is in motion, just like our own physical body. Each person that is employed and working under us has at the least a vaguely different role and set of responsibilities that differs from each and every other person. Though some may have the same general job title, their specific roles will differ in the programs that they directly work with and drive forward into the future. 

Know the Roles – Know the Functions

If you own a business, lead others within a large corporation/organization, do you have a clear understanding of your role and your team member’s roles?  Do your team member’s clearly see and understand how each of their roles fit into the organization and how they make a direct impact on what is happening when they look at the larger picture of things going on?  Each and every person should have a clear cut understanding of their role.  They should understand that as a body works and has many parts involved in its working capabilities, that they are one of the parts of the entire body of the organization.  This should be the first thing a person in a company knows and understands as they begin their journey in their work.  For example, a company that I worked for in my younger days, I was a Quality Technician playing the role that did a little bit of everything our entire group was responsible for from helping to receive new parts for assembly and manufacturing into the building to seeing them out the door and everything in between.  I made sure that none of the little individual parts were missed.  It was one of my favorite jobs I held early on.  Another role that I had was being an Automation Technician.  In this role my primary task was to be the shop Metrology and Calibration SME, though all of us technicians had the same job title, we all held relatively different primary responsibilities.  Fully knowing and understanding your own personal work responsibilities is crucial for ensuring that the process comes to a good and full completion.


Create a list of your team members along with their role and function, then take some time to really think about what your team members do day to day and if what they are doing daily lines up with their role and function that you hired them to do.

For just as the body is one and yet has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.