Tiny Homer’s : The Journey

Stories of Life on the Road

The New American Dream

The “American Dream” as it once was, was to have and hold a great career job with one company for 40 years, own a nice large house with a large back yard, have two cars, two kids, and a dog.  Well, that is fine and all if you want your freedoms stripped away from you: financial freedom, freedom to come and go and vacation as you please, freedom from the control of the bank and other debt collectors, and more.  It’s hefty, weighty, this so-called “American Dream” of the past.

What if I told you that there was a new, more relevant, “American Dream”!  You may either call me crazy or your interest will peak as you continue reading.  What if living full time in a RV, or a Travel Trailer, is the new “American Dream”?  It is far cheaper if you do it right – no more mortgage payments, utilities, endless numbing yard work and much more; and if you can find yourself remote work and work from the road, you can travel as you live this new “American Dream”.

Would you and could you be willing to give up the brick and mortar home structure for the smaller, mobile, Tiny Home on wheels if you could?  It’s not hard, and I will help you to see and understand that it’s not that hard, and not a bad way to live either!  We have been in this lifestyle for a few years now, and the book you are currently reading has been created from an intensive set of notes that I had jotted down throughout our first year into this journey.  I have since learned much more about the RV lifestyle and RV technical work than what my original notes contain.  You will gain a wealth of knowledge from reading this book as a beginner, a novice, or even a seasoned RVer that can be very helpful as you grow in this lifestyle and your journey


RV Life Moments

RV Life

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike? If I have a little wiggle room in there, I would add RV to the list, which I guess then I’d say car. I am a full time RVer and the life of living on the road and traveling full time has so…

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