“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Jesus; Matthew 28:19-20

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Stuff Vol. I, Introduction

To start off, the origin of this book is the short prayer that comes in the next section. The story of this prayer though, to myself, is one that feels a bit strange and funny. I was grocery shopping at Walmart for some basic needs and groceries that we needed at home. While I was shopping, I called my wife to check and verify some of the items that were both in the cart and not yet in the cart were correct, married men, you know how very important this can be at times!

While I was waiting for my wife to call me back with the items that she needed, I had some thoughts running in circles in my mind and was discussing these items with God the Father. I was aimlessly walking around the isles nearby and saw a small blue covered 5 Star notebook. For some unknown reason and impulse, I grabbed the notebook, found the pens in the next aisle over, and kept walking to an aisle where there was nobody else around. I opened the cover of the book and started to write. What came out of that moment was the prayer that you will read below. This little prayer is the foundation and backbone of this entire book, though the creation and writing of this book did not come immediately or even in the next weeks that followed. I eventually came back to the small book (several months at this point), opened the cover and reread the prayer that I had previously written down that one night at Walmart.  I was in the front room of the house that we were living in at that time and sat down at the small cafe table we had in that room and started to write, and the process began, which would span the next two to two and a half  years.  The results were and still are more than I could have ever expected.  There have been many instances and experiences throughout the process and since that has kept my mind running back to certain chapters within this working piece.  I will always continue to say that God works in amazingly mysterious ways!

Truth be told, I have to say that standing in a store of any kind does not usually ever put into me the desire to start writing, though, if there is any store good for that, Walmart is sure one of them! Anything and everything that could happen in a store, good or bad may it be, and everything in between, would surely happen at Walmart. 

I hope and pray that as you read through this Book, that God the Father and the Holy Spirit will both talk to you and reveal to you the truths of His word as it applies to your life and the Stuff that you have and will continue to experience and live through. Over the course of two plus years, this Book has definitely allowed me to draw closer to God, as well as grow in the wisdom and knowledge of His word as it applies to my life and my situations. May these following pages be a Blessing to you.


Life is full of stuff which must be dealt with and handled with extreme care and caution. Life was not just given to us to flounder with and kick around but to be used as it was intended to be used and used for what it was bought for. Life is not free. Jesus paid for each and every one of our lives, with His life. Leaving Heaven, and Glory’s Seat, He lived a life much like our own. But He died a traitor’s death, crucified for all man’s sin, buried, descended into hell, and on the third day rose again to Glory’s Seat. He did this for all people even though not all people will accept this truth, this gift, this offering. True it is, though not everyone will believe in this truth. Our lives must be handled with care, otherwise Satan may just snatch it away. Cunning he is, the father of all lies, the father of all sin and demons and darkness. Satan has fallen, though not out of this world but into this world. He has fallen from heaven as the current ruler of this world, this planet. 

~A direct copy of the original writing, word for word~

To Be Continued…

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