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Jesus; Matthew 28:19-20

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The Bathroom Door Leak

Small Disclaimer, I really wish I had thought of taking progressive images of the entire process I just went through that you are about to read through, I hope that the details are clear enough fully visualize the whole process.

You can never just always trust someone else to construct things perfectly every time. Maybe we purchased the same item, regardless of what it is, and both products were assembled by differ people. Do you think that the quality is going to be perfect across the board every time? I’m t should be – that is what we are made to believe because of operating instructions and procedures. However, the reality is that this is far from the truth. When two people perform even the same job, the product does not always come out the same.

As we have been traveling for almost two years in our wonderful Coachman Chaparral, there have been, to say the least, a few fixes I have had to tackle along the way. Tonight’s battle was against the shower door. Our shower door, as beautiful as it may appear, has been leaking for a small amount of time, from under the track and through the inner corner end on both sides of the track. This was not something that I really wanted to do because I knew I would have to do some serious work here.

To start, it was only two screws at the top of the door frame to remove the entire glass sliding door, 3 panels, you can imagine the weight! Then to remove the track all I had to do was get a chisel and pry upward from one side to the other. that part wasn’t bad either as it was stuck down by sticky putty, which is also why if started leaking over time. The main issue is that the underside was not properly sealed along all edges, sides or ends.

It probably took near an hour to clean up all the mess from in initial installation. Once the cleanup process was finished, it was time to apply the new bathroom sealant to the underside of the door track and reinstall into the bottom of the door frame. This was part of the satisfaction element of the entire job, knowing that my hard work was fixing something that should last a lifetime!

Once the door track was all the way installed, I reset the door and top frame section back onto and into the shower door frame. Insert two screws at the top of the frame, one on each side of the door. Once the shower door was completely reassembled, I cleaned up both sides of the door track, the took the shower sealant and put clean sealant on both sides of the track as an extra measure of protection against leaking.

Now that my shower door is completely resealed, I can sleep easy tonight!

So the one element of caution and worry that I had before taking the shower door apart was and wood framing being exposed and absorbing water. Come to find out that the plastic trim under the front of our shower door is actually part of the entire shower molding. The door track sits on the plastic and there are zero holes anywhere on the door track. That pleased me as I was really concerned about replacing part of the shower frame. I hope that all showers in all RVs are constructed in the same manner.

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